Our Specialities

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Our specialities

Functional training

The purpose of functional fitness training is to improve your ability to perform your everyday activities. Think of it as training for the entire movement—not just a specific muscle. When you jump, you’re not just using your leg muscles. It’s a coordinated effort between your nervous, cardiovascular, respiratory, and musculoskeletal systems that allows a fluid movement.


Our team design bespoke programmes that target the largest cross sectional area of muscle. By using a scientifically proven formula we create a maximal amount of tissue breakdown during the session. The growth phase occurs after the session and the laying down of new muscle tissue is optimised with an individually tailored nutritional plan. Over a sustained training period this will result in lean tissue gains.

Toning and Sculpting

Our toning and sculpting plans combine specific nutritional advice to progressively reduce body fat percentages, whilst maintaining lean muscle tissue. If there is a specific weight category or weight target then these nutrition plans can be calorie controlled to hit these targets. The physical training focuses on maximising the visual definition effects of the muscle group.

Strenght and Conditioning

Each athlete has specific needs and they can be established by breaking down factors unique to their sport or activity e.g. movement patterns, tempos, volumes and loads. We create a very specific training plan based on these factors. Once the training plan has been constructed and timetabled in accordance to the athlete’s requirements, this scientific form of overload, adaption and progression ensures a better prepared athlete at the end.

Fat Loss

A wide range of factors affect a person’s ability to lose body fat. Through careful assessment of sleeping patterns, stress management, lifestyle choices, hormonal profiling, tailored nutrition and scientific training our team maximise the ability to promote fat loss.