Transformations of our clients

Kam Sanghera

This is Kam

Kam is the difficult one. 😊

He trains hard and he plays hard. He loves eating out and because of the business he runs there are a lot of business meeting involved. His main problem was his diet so it was hard to watch Kam training hard and not seeing any improvement.  We suggested to give a go with our food boxes plan and look at the difference it made. Now Kam is more aware of his nutrition and we’re excited to push him even harder.


This is Allister. Allister is a regular gym goer. He came to Us before his trip to Australia. He wanted to look his best. He went for our 8 weeks training program including nutrition and he did amazing. Well done Allister.


This is Jason. Jason is very black and white. He can be extremely focus on his training or he can go crazy opposite way. He’s never been massively obese but had no strength. 10kg dumbell chest press was a struggle for him so our main goal was to make him stronger and more powerful. He’s been playing golf for over 25years and because there was no lower back strength he injured himself really badly (he needed operation). Jason’s goal was very sport specific (make his golf better and improve his lower back strength) we managed to improved both of his goals and we managed to reduce his body fat by 7%. We are very proud of him and we’re so happy that he finally enjoys his training and golf with no back pain.


This is Kippy. Kippy is a busy man, working really hard. He loves crisps, cheese and everything that is salty 😉.

We’ve been training with Kippy for the last 5 years. He’s very consistent with his training but because of his social life and eating late he couldn’t loose the excess of the fat he had. He always has been very strong and because of our training his stamina has gone up to a very high level. One day we decided to set the challenge who will loose more body fat in 3 months and that was it. He got focused and motivated to kick my buttocks and …….. he did. He got himself down to 12% body fat. Well done Kippy. You’re our hero


This is Evie. Evie signed up for our 8 weeks program including nutrition plan. She wanted to loose weight before her birthday so we pushed it hard. What an amazing results we achieved . Great job Evie 👏👏👏


I’ve been training with Andy for the last 3 years. We only train twice a week but Andy loves running. He does roughly 20 miles a week to keep his caloric deficit. He is very consistent with his training. He doesn’t skip or cancel his sessions. Consistency and massive commitment to his training paid off. Check what progress he has made. Well done Andy💪💪💪


Jake always has had a problem to gain weight because of his body type. He has tried so hard over the years but no results. We changed his nutrition plan and his training mainly focused on hypertrophy. After 3 months we can see first results. Well done Jake. Keep it up.


What a great transformation 💪💪💪
Aniela came to me after knee surgery. Chondronalacia patellae also known as a runner’s knee. Basically Aniela was just left with a neat hole behind her knee cap (roughly 20mm by 15mm I think ) where there is no cartilage left. She was struggling with walking not even thinking of running.
We’ve been training mainly to improve her knee mobility and strengthening her knee. It’s been tough time as loads of movement  was causing a lot of pain in her knee but we did it. Aniela can do some explosive jumps, stepping on and off the box and she’s almost able to jog again not for a long period of time but hopefully in a new year we’re gonna be able to do some running. 
Also guys look at her weight loss 🙈🙈🙈
Regular exercising and good nutrition plan helped lose 13kg